Ranked: The World’s 25 Richest Millennial Billionaires

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Ranked: The World’s 25 Richest Millennial Billionaires

There are 2,755 billionaires globally—and combined, they are worth over $13 trillion.

Of these ultra wealthy individuals, just over 100 are millennials, born between the years 1981 and 1996. This young generation represents around 3.8% of all billionaires on a global basis with a combined net worth of $573.1 billion.

This visualization, using data from Forbes, ranks the richest 25 millennial billionaires and details their source of wealth, total net worth, nationality, and age.

Note: Forbes categorized billionaires by current age (2021). For those slightly over or under the age range of Millennials, meaning those who are currently 24 or 40 years old (i.e. they could have been born in either 1996/1997 or 1980/1981), if their birth year could not be accurately determined, they were left out of this ranking.

Who are the Millennial Billionaires?

The oldest millennials will be turning 40 in 2021, while the youngest are just turning 25. This means that millennial billionaires are generally the youngest billionaires in the world, save two Gen Zers: Wang Zelong of China, 24, and Kevin David Lehmann of Germany, 18.

Name Age Net Worth Country Industry
Mark Zuckerberg 36 $97.0 B U.S. Tech
Zhang Yiming 37 $35.6 B China Tech
Yang Huiyan & family 39 $29.6 B China Real Estate
Dustin Moskovitz 36 $17.8 B U.S. Tech
Su Hua 39 $17.8 B China Media & Entertainment
Pavel Durov 36 $17.2 B Russia Tech
Lukas Walton 34 $15.6 B U.S. Fashion & Retail 
Eduardo Saverin 39 $14.6 B Brazil Tech
Cheng Yixiao 37 $14.1 B China Media & Entertainment
Brian Chesky 39 $13.7 B U.S. Tech
Nathan Blecharczyk 37 $12.4 B U.S. Tech
Joe Gebbia 39 $12.4 B U.S. Tech
Bobby Murphy 32 $11.9 B U.S. Tech
Evan Spiegel 30 $11.1 B U.S.  Tech
Guillaume Pousaz 39 $9.0 B Switzerland Finance & Investments
Sam Bankman-Fried 29 $8.7 B U.S. Finance & Investments
Agnete Kirk Thinggaard 37 $8.7 B Denmark Manufacturing
Dmitry Bukhman 35 $7.9 B Russia Media & Entertainment
Igor Bukhman 39 $7.9 B Russia Media & Entertainment
Ernest Garcia, III. 38 $7.4 B U.S. Automotive
Brian Armstrong 38 $6.5 B U.S. Finance & Investments
Wang Ning & family 34 $6.3 B China Media & Entertainment
Scott Duncan 38 $6.0 B U.S. Energy
David Velez 39 $5.2 B Colombia Finance & Investments
Kate Wang 39 $5.0 B China Manufacturing 
Daniel Ek 38 $4.6 B Sweden Technology
Gustav Magnar Witzoe 27 $4.4 B Norway Food & Beverage
Steven Meng Yang & family 38 $4.2 B China Technology
Li Xiang 39 $4.0 B China Automotive
Ben Silbermann 38 $3.9 B U.S. Technology
Lynsi Snyder 38 $3.6 B U.S. Food & Beverage
Apoorva Mehta 34 $3.5 B Canada Technology
Franco Bittar Garcia 37 $3.5 B Brazil Fashion & Retail 
Xu Yi 31 $3.4 B China  Media & Entertainment
RJ Scaringe 38 $3.4 B U.S. Automotive
Patrick Collison 32 $3.2 B  Ireland  Technology
John Collison 30 $3.2 B Ireland Technology
Pedro de Godoy Bueno 30 $3.0 B Brazil  Healthcare
Geoffrey Kwok 35 $3.0 B Hong Kong Real Estate
Yin Xin 36 $3.0 B China Media & Entertainment
Huang Jinfeng 38 $3.0 B China Fashion & Retail
Cameron Winklevoss 39 $3.0 B U.S. Finance & Investments
Tyler Winklevoss 39 $3.0 B U.S. Finance & Investments
Paul Sciarra 40 $2.9 B U.S.  Technology
Chen Tianshi 36 $2.8 B China Technology
Tony Xu 36 $2.8 B U.S. Technology
Victor Jacobsson 39 $2.7 B Sweden Fiannce & Investments
Caroline Hagen Kjos 37 $2.6 B Norway Diversified
Adam Kwok 38 $2.6 B Hong Kong Real Estate
André Street 36 $2.5 B Brazil Finance & Investments
Chang Jing 38 $2.5 B China Technology
Byju Raveendran and Divya Gokulnath 39 $2.5 B India Technology
Austin Russell 26 $2.4 B U.S. Automotive
Jonathan Kwok 29 $2.4 B Hong Kong Real Estate
David Chen 40 $2.4 B Singapore Media & Entertainment
Tom Persson 36 $2.3 B Sweden Fashion & Retail
Jared Isaacman 38 $2.3 B U.S.  Technology
Andrew Paradise 38 $2.3 B U.S.  Media & Entertainment
Sebastian Siemiatkowski 39 $2.2 B Sweden Finance & Investments
Timur Turlov 33 $2.1 B Russia Finance & Investments
Gong Yingying 36 $2.1 B China Healthcare
Katarina Martinson 39 $2.1 B Sweden Diversified
Andy Fang 28 $2.0 B U.S. Technology
Stanley Tang 28 $2.0 B U.S.  Technology
Christopher Kwok 35 $1.9 B Hong Kong Real Estate
Ipek Kirac 36 $1.9 B Turkey Diversified
Kevin Systrom 37 $1.9 B U.S. Technology
Fred Ehrsam 32 $1.9 B U.S.  Finance & Investments
Nick Molnar 30 $1.8 B Australia Finance & Investments
Joachim Ante 38 $1.8 B Germany Technology
Drew Houston 38 $1.8 B U.S.  Technology
Said Gutseriev 32 $1.7 B Russia Energy
Ginia Rinehart 34 $1.7 B Australia Metals & Mining
Hope Welker 35 $1.7 B Australia Metals & Mining
Bill Liu 38 $1.7 B China Technology
Peter Szulczewski 39 $1.7 B Canada Technology
Lisa Draexlmaier 30 $1.6 B Germany Automotive
Eva Maria Braun-Luedicke 34 $1.6 B Germany Healthcare
Heikki Herlin 34 $1.6 B Finland Manufacturing
Ryan Cohen 35 $1.6 B Canada Fiannce & Investments
Friederike Braun-Luedicke 37 $1.6 B Germany Healthcare
Wen Yilong 32 $1.5 B China Manufacturing
Zeng Chaolin 38 $1.5 B China Metals & Mining
Alexandra Andresen 24 $1.4 B Norway Diversified
Katharina Andresen 25 $1.4 B Norway Diversified
Karl Friedrich Braun 38 $1.4 B Germany Healthcare
Trevor Milton 39 $1.4 B U.S. Automotive
Ludwig Theodor Braun 31 $1.3 B Germany Healthcare
Anna Kasprzak 31 $1.3 B Denmark  Fashion & Retail
Whitney Wolfe Herd 31 $1.3 B U.S. Technology
André Kasprzak 34 $1.3 B Denmark Fashion & Retail
Hakan Koc 36 $1.2 B Germany Automotive
Nik Storonsky 36 $1.2 B UK Technology
Christian Bertermann 37 $1.2 B Germany Automotive
Ryan Graves 37 $1.2 B U.S. Technology
Cheng Wei 38 $1.2 B China Service
Lu Zhilin 38 $1.2 B China Manufacturing
Sachin Bansal 39 $1.2 B India Fashion & Retail
Huang Yimeng 39 $1.2 B China Media & Entertainment
Wang Han 33 $1.1 B China Diversified
Anne Werninghaus 35 $1.1 B Brazil  Manufacturing
Binny Bansal 38 $1.1 B India Technology
Sanjit Biswas 39 $1.1 B U.S. Technology
Vlad Tenev 34 $1.0 B U.S. Fiannce & Investments
Baiju Bhatt 36 $1.0 B U.S. Finance & Investments
Hou Jianbin 39 $1.0 B China Service

The U.S. is home to the most millennial billionaires at 33 total, with China coming in second at 23—most other countries fall far behind.

In the U.S., millennial billionaires are often associated with notable tech companies like Snapchat, Airbnb, and Facebook. Others are heirs of massive family fortunes like Lukas Walton—grandson of Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart and the original head of America’s richest family.

In China, some millennial billionaires really stand out, like Relx founder, Kate Wang. The 39-year-old started her e-cigarette and vape company only three years ago, at age 36, and is expected to soon be vying for the title of richest woman in China.

Billionaire Growth

Overall, billionaires were up $8 trillion in combined net worth compared to 2020 with around 493 new people added to the list in 2021.

In fact, 86% of all billionaires are richer than a year ago. But let’s look at how wealth changed for the millennials in the billionaires club. Here’s a look at the difference in net worth from 2020 to 2021 for the top five richest millennials:

  • Mark Zuckerberg: +$35 Billion
  • Zhang Yiming: +$19.4 Billion
  • Yang Huiyan: +$9.3 Billion
  • Dustin Moskovitz: +$8.5 Billion
  • Su Hua: +$14.9 Billion

For each of the top 25 millennial billionaires, net worth either increased or was unchanged (or they were new to the title of billionaire). This is true for all except one person—Lukas Walton, whose net worth decreased by almost $3 billion from 2020 to 2021.

The Average Millennial

While there are around 106 millennial billionaires worldwide, their combined net worth is only a fraction of total billionaire wealth. So how much economic power and influence does this generation really hold?

When looking at the average American millennial’s wealth, the Generational Power Index has determined that this young generation only holds 9.6% of economic power in the U.S. Here’s a quick look at millennial wealth metrics in the U.S.:

  • Millennials only make up 7% of American business leaders
  • They own $73 billion in equities and mutual fund shares
  • They represent 13% of small business leaders
  • They make up 7% of American billionaire wealth

Globally, there are an estimated 1.8 billion millennials. Among that cohort, there are just over 100 people worth billions—and given that many are still in the early part of their careers, there is likely to be many millennial billionaires yet to come.

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