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The Cast of The OC, Ranked By Net Worth | TheRichest


During the 2000s, teen-dramas were at all-time high and very popular primetime entertainment. One show that was considered to be a “pop-cultural phenomenon” when it first aired was the Fox-drama, The O.C. The O.C. centered around troubled youth, Ryan Atwood, who is given a second chance when he is adopted by a wealthy couple from Newport Beach.

At the time of its premiere, The O.C. was a highly-rated television series and received positive reviews. The show ran for four seasons before its cancellation in 2007. While the show featured some familiar faces, the teen-drama also gave a platform for up-and-coming actors and actresses, many of whom were the “it” entertainers of the 2000s. How much are these former residents of the O.C. worth? Continue below to see the net worth of the cast from The O.C.!

8 Mischa Barton - $1 Million


When you think of "The O.C.," the character who probably stands out the most is Marissa Cooper. Marissa was the anti-stereotypical "girl next door," who was the object of the main character, Ryan Atwood's, affection. At the beginning of the show, Marissa was involved with Luke Ward, but began dating Ryan towards the end of the season 1, leading to an on-and-off-again relationship. Marissa was played by British-Irish-American actress, Mischa Barton, whose portrayal of the character shot her to stardom and made her the "it girl."

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Barton played Marissa until the character was killed off in a tragic accident, following Barton's decision to leave the show. Following her departure, Barton starred in various roles but was best known for her performance in the M. Night Shyamalan's psychological thriller, The Sixth Sense. The actress has also modeled and opened her own fashion line, rounding out her net worth to be $1 million.

7 Autumn Reeser - $3 Million


Taylor Townsend arrived in the O.C. in season 3 and became a regular character in season 4 after Mischa Barton's character was killed off the show. Taylor was the daughter of Veronica Townsend, a successful sports agent. Following Marissa's death, she became closer to Ryan and the two began dating. In the series finale, it is unclear if the two are still together but they are both seen as maid of honor and best man at Summer and Seth's wedding while sneaking smiles at one another.

Actress Autumn Reeser portrayed Taylor and has also starred in other prominent television shows and films. Reeser was featured in the shows: Entourage, The Arrangement, No Ordinary Family, and the films: Sully, So Undercover, The Girl Next Door, and several Hallmark films. The actress is a mother of two and was married to director Jesse Warren. Reeser's current net worth is $3 million.

6 Tate Donovan - $5 Million


Depicted as probably one of the "worst fathers in television history," Jimmy Cooper was the father of Marissa and Kaitlin Cooper and the ex-husband of Julie. Jimmy faced trouble for embezzlement and poor life choices that would affect him and his relationship with his family.

Actor Tate Donovan played the unscrupulous father, but Donovan is known for his roles prior to this one. Donovan began his career in the mid-'80s and starred in several films but is probably best recognized for his voice talent as the titular character in the Disney animated classic, Hercules. Following his time on The O.C., Donovan had prominent roles in the critically-acclaimed historical-drama, Argo, and the biographical-musical drama, Rocketman. The actor, who had very-high profiled relationships with actresses Sandra Bullock, and Jennifer Aniston, has a net worth of $5 million.

5 Peter Gallagher - $8 Million


Without Sandy Cohen, Ryan Atwood would've never stepped foot in the O.C. Sandy Cohen was more than just a lawyer, he was the moral center of the show. His words of wisdom often helped not only Ryan but his friends as well. Sandy came into contact with Ryan during his time as a public defender and decided to adopt the troubled teen after his mother abandoned him. Sandy and his wife, Kristen, have another son, Seth, who also sought guidance from this father.

Sandy was portrayed by actor Peter Gallagher throughout the entire series. The actor, writer, and musician, most recently starred on the Netflix show, Frankie and Grace. Prior to this, the actor appeared in numerous Hollywood films, including: Sex, Lies, and Videotape, While You Were Sleeping, House on the Haunted Hill, and Center Stage.

The actor has been married to Paula Harwood, whom he has two children with, and has a net worth of $8 million.

4 Rachel Bilson - $12 Million


In addition to Marissa Cooper, there was another popular IT girl on The O.C. who captured the attention of many men, particularly Ryan's brother, Seth. Her name was Summer Roberts, a spoiled, materialistic daddy's girl with a tough and outspoken attitude. Summer, who was best friends with Marissa, became the lead girl of the show after Marissa's tragic death. Summer's long-term relationship with Seth was another essential plot element on the show, with the two ending up getting married in the series finale.

This was the television debut for the actress who played Summer, Rachel Blison, who quickly became a very popular star following her portrayal. Blison went on to star in the films: The Last Kiss, Jumper, and The To-Do List, and also landed a main role in the CW series, Hart of Dixie. The actress dated her costar, Adam Brody, for three years before entering into a relationship with Star Wars actor Hayden Christensen, with whom she has a daughter. The couple officially separated in 2017.

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The actress' net worth is estimated to be $12 million.

3 Ben Mckenzie- $13 Million


Ryan Atwood was the heart and soul of The O.C., which isn't too hard to believe since the show centered around his arrival to the new town. The troubled teen was given a chance to start over when he was brought to Newport Beach, where he initially has trouble fitting in due to his past. Eventually, he makes a life for himself. Ryan soon began a relationship with Marissa Cooper, and the pair dated on and off until Marissa died in his arms after a car accident. Following his grief and guilt over her death, he began to date Taylor Townsend and though the pair separated towards the end of the season, they were seen briefly reuniting for Summer and Seth's wedding.

Ryan Atwood was played by actor Ben McKenzie. McKenzie, whose net worth is $13 million, gained recognition for his breakout role as Ryan. Following this, McKenzie starred in the American-crime drama, Southland, and most recently, portrayed popular DC comic character Jim Gordon on the series, Gotham. McKenzie is married to his Gotham co-star, Morena Baccarin, with whom he has one daughter.

2 Adam Brody -$15 Million


Adam Brody starred as Seth Cohen, Ryan's friend, and later adoptive brother, who also played a pivotal part in the teen-drama. Seth was also seen as an awkward introvert with a sarcastic nature but following his relationship with his future adoptive brother, he gained the courage to make new friendships and speak to his crush and future wife, Summer. Brody had a few minor roles in shows and films before landing the opportunity to play Seth on The O.C. His performance shot him to stardom and provided him with a full-time career, leading him to star in the films: Jennifer's Body, Mr.& Mrs. Smith, Scream 4, and Shazaam!

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Brody, who has a net worth of $15 million, is married to Gossip Girl star, Leighton Meester, and the couple has a daughter together.

1 Kelly Rowan - $25 Million


Kristen Cohen was not initially fond of Ryan Atwood becoming a member of her family. Eventually, the matriarch of the Cohen family warmed up to the troubled teen and accepted him as a son. Kristen and her husband, Sandy, served as major catalysts for the show, often giving advice to their children and their friends. This, despite Kristen's conservative upbringing sometimes getting in the way.

Canadian-actress and former fashion model Kelly Rowan portrayed Kristen Cohen. The actress starred in the films: Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh, Three to Tango, Hook; and the television movie: Adrift, for which she received critical acclaim. Rowan's net worth is estimated around $25 million, which isn't hard to believe given her career as a model and actress.

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