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Luxury Hotels: 10 Tips For Getting A Room For Cheap | TheRichest


Between the picturesque views, doting staff, and gourmet dining options that luxury hotels offer, it's not surprising that they don't come cheap. Like many of the finer things in life, luxury hotel rooms are usually expensive.

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But that doesn't mean that you have to miss out on living like the other half during your vacation! With a little know-how, you can snag a luxury room at a discount (and in some cases for nothing at all)!  Here are 10 ways to get a luxury hotel room for cheap!

10 Attend A Timeshare Presentation


Timeshares are arrangements where multiple people pool their resources — through a trusted corporation — to buy property that can only be accessed for a predetermined amount of time per year. To sell these shares, companies hire salespeople to host timeshare presentations.

While seen by many as a waste of time, most people attend because of the perks, which include vouchers and discounted hotel rooms just for the privilege to pitch their property to them, no strings attached.

9 Book 4th-Night Rooms


For extended vacations, you might consider taking advantage of 4th-night discounts. These are deals that grant you a discounted rate for your fourth night after you've paid full price for the first three. Given the price of luxury hotel rooms, this might not seem economical.

But if you're determined to live it up for the entirety of your trip, then getting a discounted night might make sense for you. Every hotel won't offer these discounts, so you'll have to search around to find one that does.

8 Become A Travel Writer


Travel writers are the people that hopeful vacationers seek out to get the lowdown on how hotels and resorts really treat their customers.

The most respected writers can make or break a hotel's reputation, so hotels and resorts will spend a lot of money to make sure that their properties are being visited and given a fair shot. This means steep discounts and sometimes, even comped stays altogether!

7 Choose Your Location Wisely


Even though it might be tempting to choose the trendy hotel that's five minutes away from all the tourist destinations, those rooms don't come cheap. They're not only expensive, but they're also marked up substantially above market value.

If you're looking for luxury, you can easily be out hundreds or even thousands of dollars per night. To offset these costs, consider choosing a less popular location. You can usually get comparable amenities for less money.

6 Join A Loyalty Program


Loyalty programs aren't just for grocery chains. Many hotels offer generous loyalty programs that can offset the cost of future trips. Anyone can claim rewards, but if you travel frequently, the loyalty programs will be of greater benefit to you.

So the more you book, the more points you accumulate. These points can be redeemed for everything from free breakfasts or dinners, discounted rates, and in some cases, free rooms too!

5 Book On A Sunday


Unless you're traveling for business or during the Summer, your go-to booking days are probably Friday or Saturday. If so, you can expect to pay surcharges for those peak reservation slots since hotels set their prices based on supply and demand.

If you want to save extra money, you might consider arranging time off so that you can book your hotel stay on a Sunday. By this point, many people are checking out of the hotel to return to their regular routine, so hotels are desperate to fill the rooms. This means they'll likely offer them at a discounted rate.

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4 Buy Unwanted Reservations


Despite planning ahead, sometimes vacations don't always pan out as they're supposed to. When this happens, refunds are nearly impossible to get on previously-booked hotel rooms. People really desperate to get some of their money back resort to selling their reservations at a steep discount!

While they'd totally love to get top dollar for their rooms, they'll be more concerned with recouping at least some of their money. This means that you'll end up with all of the perks that come with a full-priced room, for a steep discount.

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3 Cut Out The Middle Man


Travel booking sites might make concocting travel plans easier, but you should know that you're being charged marked-up prices. Hotels and booking sites have deals in place that allow the websites to get a cut of each room that's sold. Since the hotel isn't going to let this cut into its profits, this extra money comes from your pockets!

If you want to save a little money, you should consider doing away with booking sites and contacting the hotel directly! The hotel will be happy to get their normal rate without having to cut in the booking site, so they might discount you the difference!

2 Become An Influencer


Influencer culture is chock full of freebies of all kinds, which sometimes includes free or discounted hotel stays, in exchange for promotion. You can't just be any kind of influencer, though. You'll usually have to have over 100,000 engaged followers, but don't even think about inflating your numbers!

Companies have gotten good at weeding out influencers with bought or inactive followings, so you'll have to prove to the hotel that you actually have the reach that would make giving you a free hotel room worth it.

1 Be Famous


Hotels, like most businesses, benefit from having celebrity clientele attached to them. That's why, if they're lucky enough to gain celeb attention, they'll do anything to keep them happy and coming back. That includes offering them deeply discounted or free rooms.

So, the ultimate way to get free luxury hotels at a discount is to be famous, but not influencer famous. Beyonce famous. Of course, you'd be rich enough that you wouldn't actually need the discount. But rich people love free stuff too!

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